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MOU signed on the cooperation of a hydroelectric power station, a drinking water station and a pipeline project in Madagascar


A ceremony was held on the morning of 2 January at Shuifa Building for the signing of a cooperation agreement between Shuifa International Construction Company and the Malagasy JIRAMA State Power Company on hydropower stations and drinking water stations and pipelines. This signing marks the establishment of a solid strategic partnership between the two sides, which has laid a good foundation for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the strategic layout of water development construction in Madagascar.
?Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Jabaoli, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shuifa Construction Co., Ltd., Mr. ANDRIAMANAMPISOA, Assistant to Special Affairs of the President of Madagascar and Vice-Minister of Electricity, and Mr. RAMAROSON, Chairman of the Madagascar JIRAMA State Power Company, respectively, expressed their good desire to establish cooperation and open up the market in Madagascar.
A strategic cooperation agreement was subsequently signed with representatives of the Malagasy JIRAMA National Electric Power Company, and the signing ceremony was successfully concluded in a harmonious atmosphere.
Located in the east of the African continent and the western Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the largest island in Africa and the fourth largest island in the world.
Its economy is dominated by agriculture and its infrastructure is weak. Currently, it is actively seeking for the international community to resume assistance to Mali, and formulating an open national development plan. It is committed to improving the investment environment and attracting foreign investment.
The two sides will take the signing of the project as an opportunity to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation, and fully grasp the new opportunities and challenges of deepening the African market.


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