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Opening ceremony of Gandharbpur water plant project in Bangladesh


October 10th, Gandharbpur water plant project start ceremony, held in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka grand. The prime minister of Bangladesh and relevant government departments, as well as the main leaders of all parties involved in the construction, attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony marked another big step forward in the "go out" strategy of Shuifa Construction Group.

The water intake project of Gandharbpur water plant, built by SDWP International Company, is the first European standard project of SDWP, which is difficult to construct with high safety risk and short construction period. Since the project started in April 2019, it has overcome the challenges of frequent typhoons, large fluctuation of water level and higher requirements for construction standards. At present, all kinds of work are stable and orderly, and the whole work can be controlled as a whole.


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